Our story

We understand the trials and tribulations of the modern woman, and our philosophy is deeply rooted in the appreciation for every woman’s body. We believe that the female form is the most beautiful of God’s all creations and the act of dressing it should always be far from ordinary. That’s why we take immense pride in seeking new and better ways to design silhouettes that naturally support and flagrantly celebrate a woman’s body! When we created FitBra® — our chic, stylish and ultra-comfortable innovation, it was to give your girls the exceptional cushioning they deserved, everyday! When we perfected LaceWirelessBra® — the next-level wire-free selection— it meant unparalleled support with no more bra lines or back bulges. When we invented YogaBraPosture®— our newest full-coverage bra— we closed the industry gap for contour-fitting and posture enhancement. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! With the advancement in technology, we promise to stay ahead of the curve and to pioneer revolutionary innovations for women of all shapes and sizes – for generations to come.


Our mission

Evalada is on a mission to create beautifully designed, skillfully master-crafted bras that bridge the compromise between style, support, and sensuality! We source the finest materials, leverage cutting-edge technology and conceive colors through an artistic lens— to deliver bras that support you better, last longer and stay comfortable all day! We calibrate the weight a woman carries every day, and curate collections strong enough to support her. Where others set their eyes on excess, we focus on excellence! From avant-garde fabrics to flexible functional design, we boast of bras that adhere to utilitarian basics —with minimal frills & maximum support.