Butt-Up Panties - Clearance sale 60% OFF

Butt-Up Panties - Clearance sale 60% OFF








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Powerful secret of a flawless look.
A final touch to your curves.

Hold tight because you’re about to find out how the Instagram sausage is made. You can probably already guess where this is going, but there’s something you need to know to get the full picture…

Let’s begin: You know those IG Booty models with billions of followers whose behinds look so sculpted they appear unreal? That’s because they kinda are. They have a few secrets.

First, an amount of fitness you can only afford if you have hours and hours of free time. Add to that a sprinkle of photoshop, of course. And finally, more often than you’d imagine- a butt lifter. Because it gets the job done…

The most important to us is that it can do two things: elegantly raise your assets so it gives them a sweet exclamation point effect, and stay concealed under your pants or skirts. And, Butt-Up Panties do both of those things perfectly!

Tight fibers from the back bring it up and put it in place while maintaining its natural shape. And the design keeps it hidden. Look at how elegantly the line follows the skin. Not a single bump will stick out when you put your jeans or leggings on.

Here’s what else it does:

Enhances Your Figure And Keeps It Natural

Even the most famous retailers have produced a butt lifter that made your rear look like a double-chin. That’s because the rubber band is too tight so not only does it ruin the effect, it’s also painful to wear. Butt-Up’s design prevents it from disfiguring your body. It is impossible to see it under your clothes.

Keeps You Cozy Throughout The Day

Thin layers of premium fibers are so breathable that no moisture will linger on. That’s the number one reason for scratching- eliminated.

The side fabrics provide a robust base that spreads the pressure so not a single part feels out of place and you can rest comfortably knowing you don’t have to think if they’ll start feeling itchy in a bad moment.

Makes You Slimmer

As it lifts it also corrects your posture and your waist-to-hip ratio making your waist look slim, and your curves even curvier. Butt-Up Panties are so effective at enhancing your lines and yet they are so light you won’t even know you’re wearing them.  

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