Chrome Blast Socks - Clearance sale 60% OFF

Chrome Blast Socks - Clearance sale 60% OFF



Pair color

Eggs Green


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Regular socks unboringed.

Playful designs that await your creativity.


Putting on these craze-mazing pairs feels like witnessing a shy kid take the show in a high-school talent competition. It’s basically the fashion equivalent of Susan Boyle’s Britan’s Got Talent audition. And not because of the first reason that comes to mind…
You see, as we were getting them out of the box here at EvaLada, our faces lit up when we saw the color contrast and the sharp design of all sorts of adorable foods and animals. But, nothing could prepare us for the texture.


For some reason, the rule of thumb when creating a quirky sock stands: “Invest all your quality points into the design and leave none for the quality of the fabric”.


Chrome Blast Socks are the first pair of non-boring regular socks we tried whose quality is praiseworthy as well.

The tightly-woven fabric firmly adheres to your foot from the heel to the toes. No sloppy wrinkles beneath your arch. Every thread stays in its place from the moment you put them on to the moment you take them off.


But that’s not the whole story. There are three more important features you need to know about them:

Colors Are Here To Stay
You are shopping online, so you can hardly judge whether dye from a really cute apparel piece you have your eye on will spill, or deteriorate drastically with every washing.

Stores know that, which is why they use a lot cheaper method of dying their fabric that looks good only on the screen.

The apparel is soaked in the dye and then printed on. The dye fades away just like it got there. After soaking it in the water a few times you’ll notice a difference. But not with these socks.

Chrome Blast’s colors are laser printed with state-of-the-art technology that integrates color into the fabric itself, so it never spills in your washer and stays the same for years.

...And So Is The Shape

The key here is that Compression Belt on the top of the sock. You know how easy it is for it to get stretched out and ruin the shape of the sock.

Chrome Blasts use specially reinforced cotton to form their compression belt.
Because of it, they create an optimized grip.

Firm enough to hold its place throughout the day- loose enough for maximum comfort. And most importantly- they do not leave those painful sock marks that cheaper socks make.

Why The Design Hits So Different…

Try to come up with a boring outfit that includes Chrome Blasts, in your head. It’s almost impossible, right? You can make a terrible one for sure. But not a boring one. That means you can use all of your passion for fashion and creativity to create highly Instagramable, never-before-seen outfits on the daily.

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