Pressy Socks - Compression Socks - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Pressy Socks - Compression Socks - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE



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Firm grip of comfort.
An occasion that becomes a habit.

Judging by how popular Pressy Socks are becoming, it seems that the people are slowly realizing just how beneficial constant calf-support is for your blood-flow and energy distribution.
If you mention them to the medical professionals who wear them all the time, they’ll tell you that they make all the difference…
The key factor is an unparalleled combination of warmth and coziness that surrounds your legs from the moment you put them on, to the moment you take them off.
It’s like having a professional massage therapist treat your legs with a Thai massage for hours.
As your toes slowly make their way to their designated, reinforced area, you’ll feel its eco-friendly, soft cotton yarn slowly caress your calves. No stretching. No slipping.
The cloudy sock gently adheres to your skin and stays in one place throughout the day.

That’s because Pressy Socks are designed to apply the same amount of pressure on the skin and hit that nerve-loving sweet spot between tightness and cushiness so you never have to scratch your way out of discomfort again.



But that’s just the beginning.
Here are a few reasons more why you should consider making Pressy Socks a part of your drawer collection:

They Leave No Marks

You know that feeling when you take off some poorly designed compression socks and realize they’ve carved a whole river bed on your ankles?

That’s a couple of minutes of sharp pain right there. And that’s only on the outermost layer of your body. The inside is a whole other animal…

Your Nerves Love Them!

On the inside, socks that cut into your skin also disturb the blood flow to the farthest place from the heart in your body- your feet. Your blood then can’t get to where it wants at the right time so the heart pumps the blood harder.



That’s a severe contributor to high blood pressure, swelling, numbness, and pain. Pressy Socks don’t focus their pressure on a few lines, they spread the pressure out to avoid embedding in your skin and thus, provide much healthier wear.

They Breathe

All the excess heat is released, while your legs keep their perfect temperature throughout the day. Plus, once you get used to wearing them, you’ll notice how nice it is to never worry about the cold air that cools down your ankles again.

As long as you have them on, you won’t have to think about the perfect room temperature.


More Space To Impress

 What’s the point of a crazy beautiful sock if no one can see it? Pressy Socks are long which means there’s more space to experiment with colors.

Our designs are here to bring a playful spark to the area you don’t pay as much esthetic attention to. All you need to do is pick...

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