FeatherBra® - Clearance sale

FeatherBra® - Clearance sale








Focus on the power.

Dominate every exercise.


Support and balance? Yes. But Feather Bra offers exercise-boosting benefits that go beyond!


It has two champion attributes you can rarely find in a modern-day sports bra. For one, it is so lightweight that you have to focus really hard to notice you have it on. Every workout feels easier. Every movement feels more energetic.


The second is the coziness you wouldn’t believe to be possible on a fairly simple piece of clothing. For that, we have to dive deeper into the incredible fabric it’s made of and explore every amazing workout benefit it brings to the table.


The silky material is developed using state-of-the-art technology that creates the most breathing space for your skin while staying strong enough to hold your upper body straight as an arrow. Plus, the superb flexibility adapts to the shape of your torso and gives you just enough support as you need to dominate every workout and get in the best shape of your life.


When we combine the athletic edge FeatherBra gives you with its overwhelming comfort there’s no question that this bra will be great for a casual “I want to stay in shape” workout. But when you want to push through an intense exercise program and unleash your inner tigress- it does wonders.


There are three reasons why:


Everything stays in its place.


Feather Bra doesn’t just uplift your breasts. It also creates a supportive structure that makes your torso act in unison and thus prevents excessive bounce. This feature comes in really handy when your workout season requires a lot of movement.


Your workout lasts longer.

Additional quick-dry characteristic of the fabric prevents sweat build-up in the bra, and the space between the threads and the vents on the front and the back allow hot air to escape, cooling you down and letting you move on.


With you for a long time.


Dense threading. Premium fabric. Endless elasticity. This bra is made to last and be a part of your favorite gym equipment for many years to come. The soft, white cups are removable, so you can seamlessly wash them and put them back in. 

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