Fine Line Slimmer - Clearance sale

Fine Line Slimmer - Clearance sale








Unmatched quality. Outstanding effect.
Shapewear that brings out the best in you.

Here at EvaLada, we’ve been looking for a diet that will make our love handles and our tummies go away for good. So far, all we got was massive cravings for ice-cream and a bit of frustration.

But then we had an idea...why not try out an item that will have the same effect instead of diet? I mean we’re not training for a marathon. Nice weather is just around the corner and we just want to look amazing in our summer dresses.

That’s when we found Fine Line Slimmer...

To be honest, we found a lot of slimmers, but this one stood out by far. Mainly for two reasons:

First is the X-Compress fibers that work a couple of times better than any other slimmer we tried. Most cheaper slimmers just squeeze you and hope for the best. But not this one…

The X-Compress tech forms zones that apply different amounts of pressure depending on the part. Most of it is applied on your butt and your tummy, while only a tiny amount is applied on your lady parts and your back.

Second reason is the astounding difference it makes to your figure- esthetically. It takes your hourglass from okay to J.Lo immediately. Everything you put on afterward fits better. And, not to mention, you drop one or two sizes.

But that’s not where our compliments end : 

No crease.

You can wear it with leggings, jeans or any other pants as well. It doesn’t make that annoying indent so it will stay discreet and indistinguishable to the naked eye.

Comfort that lasts.


Not only is Fine Line Slimmer made from the purest, softest wheel-spun cotton that can not be matched when it comes to comfort. It’s also very durable and doesn’t stretch. It stays the same for years to come.



Excess heat is released so you feel much cooler in it than you’d imagine. It’s so light that half of the time you’re not gonna know if you even have it on.

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