FullAction Shorts - Clearance sale

FullAction Shorts - Clearance sale






Deep Blue


Focus your body.

Get more out of your workout. 


We tried all the workout leggings. Mid-calfs, stirrups, ankle-length, stripped, single-colored, the ones so colorful they look like a painter’s apron. We tried them all. And yes, you can see where this is going (but it’s still important): not a single pair of leggings can hold a candle to FullAction Shorts when it comes to exercising.


Putting FullAction Shorts on is like shifting your body to the fifth gear and taking off. Every single thread is designed to maximize the efficiency of your exercise, and you feel it! 


It all comes down to FitThreads and the Middle Line.


FitThreads is a variety of compression material that tightens your muscles, so they work in unison and burn calories in the exact spot you want them to. They are ergonomically placed in the back of the thigh area, on the hips, and on both butt cheeks to hit the zones you will use the most when you’re active. When you’re just kicking back between exercises- they act as an army of miniature massage therapists, squeezing out the pain and getting you ready to move on.


The Middle Line at the back that makes your butt pop isn’t there only to make you look good. Far from it. The line is the critical line of defense from unnecessary bounce that speeds up the fatigue, creates vibrations unhealthy to your muscle fibers, and attracts unwanted attention at the gym.


But there’s more. Because with FullAction Shorts, there’s always more:


More power.


Focusing the correct muscles and not wasting energy on unnecessary muscle groups FullAction Shorts boost your strength and allow you to build muscle mass a lot faster.


More comfort.


Breathable fabric releases excess heat and cools you down enough to prevent overheating and unpleasant sweat lingering. The elastic bands on the bottom are tight enough to hold the shorts in place but are gentle to your skin and don’t leave any marks when you take them off.


More workout.

Muscle focus + more strength + massage when you’re relaxing = a lot more time you can spend perfecting your 🍑. Seriously though- it makes a difference, and you’ll be able to tell the first time you put them on. It’s like taking away your fatigue with a snap of a finger.
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