Lightweight Bra® - Clearance sale

Lightweight Bra® - Clearance sale



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The best thing about wearing our Lightweight Bra®:


✅  INVISIBLE BROOCH. Easy to fasten, with several levels, so that you feel comfortable and secure; also without seams that are marked on clothing.


✅ NO WIRE.  Without annoying wires that mark or hurt your skin.


✅  CUP 3D.  Its perfect fit system allows you to lift the chest while giving a voluminous shape, push up effect!


✅  NO SWEAT.  Made of absorbent fabric, it does not generate more sweat and keeps your skin dry and fresh.


✅  COMFORTABLE.  You will feel very safe, comfortable and free to move and carry out your daily activities.


✅  USE.  Ideal for when you do sports, or physical activity, which requires you to have good support; or simply for daily use at home, the office or on a special date!

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