Silhouette Shaper - Clearance sale

Silhouette Shaper - Clearance sale








Take the confidence you deserve.
Discover your true shape.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it won’t be enough to describe why so many women choose this shaper. Luckily, words are:

Silhouette Shaper gives you the perfect waist-to-hip ratio while you don’t even feel you’re having it on.

It feels like a second skin that breathes with your body and retains no moisture under regular circumstances. Let’s take a closer look at the design:

As your pinch the zipper and slowly move it up you’ll feel a gentle pressure on your waist as your weight is redistributed.

The pressure is just strong enough to be effective but loose enough to stay comfortable even if you wear it throughout the day. Now your body gets a sweet, slimmer appearance. But there’s one more thing...

Your booty.

It goes from nice to irresistible the moment Silhouette Shaper’s soft, foamy pads find their perfect place on your cheeks. They provide the lift that packs the sexiest punch of your life. And all that is topped off with an elegant, laced finish that forms a tight grip on your thighs.

The shaper stays in one place from the time you put it on until you take it off.

But all of that would be for nothing if it weren’t for these crucial characteristics:

This Shaper adores your love handles!

Instead of them hanging from your hips- they will now form a delicate line from your waist to your sides. And the same goes for the belly.

No one will know. Everyone will notice…

...especially him. What this shaper does to men is hard to describe. They get hypnotized so much more than they care to admit. Plus, it’s designed in a way that no one can know you have it on.

That’s because of its ultra-natural effect that enhances your figure instead of disfiguring it.

Just a bit of lift. Nothing over-the-top.

The key word here is: subtle. It loses its purpose if it looks fake. It’s not there to be a replacement. It’s there to be your support so you can get a confidence boost that will help you crush everything in your way.
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