RoseGold KittenPaw Jewelry - Clearance Sale 60% OFF

RoseGold KittenPaw Jewelry - Clearance Sale 60% OFF



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Unique glare of the crystal.

Your mark of love for the feline realm.


What you’re looking at right now isn’t just an ornament. It’s a symbol of fascination. Cats never fail to inspire us and this collection is our take on the two essential parts of a mysterious cat-spirit: Playfulness on the one side and Elegance on the other.


We combined those two to craft jewelry that captures their wild nature and their discreet attitude.

Take a closer look: The nickel-free hardened metal base forms a sturdy socket where our multi-faceted crystal gently falls in place. The large crystal in the middle is crowned with four smaller shiny crystals to form the cutest little high-five you ever saw.


Soft purple tones of the crystals fuse with the red of metal base to form a delicate rose gold color that brings a spark to your appearance. When touched by the sunlight, their beauty becomes impossible to ignore. That’s the reason why KittenPaw Jewelry is the best choice for your afternoon look when you’re on the go.




Compliments Your Style


KittenPaw Jewelry serves as icing on the cake when it comes to outfits. Even an ordinary outfit becomes exciting when you put it on.


Totally Matchable


Unlike most themed jewelry, they are so casual you can wear them with basically anything. It will still look adorable.


Health Comes First


Nickel-free, lead-free structure is there to prevent any possibility of an infection or irritation. Your skin will be safe, regardless of how long you wear it.


Ready to Be a Part of Your Collection for Years


Unlike jewelry you can get for this price, no glue was used to craft these pieces. Radiant crystal pads are confined by the hardened metal alloy structure that surrounds them. That means it is very unlikely to break apart. 




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