Corse-Fit Slimmer - Clearance sale

Corse-Fit Slimmer - Clearance sale








Style of a corset- functionality of a slimmer.

The support you need to thrive.



Over the past few decades, corsets have become a symbol of patriarchal oppression that physically forced women’s bodies into a shape society deemed necessary. It gets a very bad rep for wrong reasons, and Corse-Fit Slimmer is here to change it by showing you a few surprising benefits of a modern-day corset:


First, we’ve come a long when it comes to technology since the Victorian era. The Corse-Fit Slimmer uses the newest technology in the production process that has very little to do with 19th-century manufacturing.


The final result is a shaper made from natural fibers that are perfectly adapted to your breathing. Most old and new corsets can cause short breath because the vast majority of them just squeeze your waist with no specifications at all. But not the Corse-Fit Slimmer.

The top part of the slimmer has a different fiber arrangement than the bottom part. As you breathe in, they expand with your torso allowing you to breathe freely, as if you’re not wearing anything.


The second point- Victorian women didn’t do stomach crunches.


Yes, it will give you a slimmer figure and make everything you put on look seven times better, but you can also use it in the gym. The increase in temperature on your skin will help you lose a lot more weight for a short time period. It also works magic for the postpartum belly.


Here are some additional benefits of having a Corse-Fit Slimmer in your closet:


Your spine will love it.


It’s incredible how much it helps with posture. It serves as a reminder to walk straight and hold your head up, boosting your confidence in the process.


Slick design.

Pay close attention to every detail. There are hundreds of tiny holes scattered all over it. They allow your skin to breathe, so you can wear it all day. Hook and eye closure lets you put it on in 15 seconds and take it off in just 2. Soft layer on the inside prevents itching sensations and brings additional comfort to it.


Fully functional for a very long time.


We’ve added a few layers of flexible threads in the Crose-Fit Slimmer to keep it functional for many years to come. Not only will it last, but it will also work its magic in the same way it did the first time you put it on.

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