Pair of Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops | Gold Hoop Earrings | CLEARANCE SALE 60% OFF |

Pair of Gold Colored Lightweight Chunky Open Hoops | Gold Hoop Earrings | CLEARANCE SALE 60% OFF |




Style and Length

2 x Yellow Gold 50 millimeters


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Unmatched versatility.
A queen’s touch to your style.

We wanted to achieve a classic look with this pair of earrings. Featureless. No symbols or shapes. And that’s not by accident...
This is a powerful piece, but its power rests in the crucial element of every outfit- you. Creole Hoops are a fashion chameleon that looks incredible with almost any outfit. Fancy or casual; day or night.

Once you figure out the best way to pair their classic look with your uniqueness and your ideas, you will get a different effect with them, every time you put them on. But, keep in mind, this pair is classic, but it’s anything but ordinary.

You need to look closer to find out why: first, the thick, cold-pressed alloy forms a circular shape that brings them their esthetically pleasing, unintrusive character. Then, a shiny kick steps in. A gold-plated finish that creates a spark of excitement in your appearence. Finally, their most precious element- their movement. Because of their robust structure, they always stay on point while you’re moving, so there’s no flapping around and no annoying clanking.

Secured In One Place

These earrings are pierced. A small and sturdy needle holds the earring in place and prevents them from falling off.


Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Unlike cheap jewelry, our Creole Hoops are made without nickel or lead- the two most dangerous metals that rust in your ear and infect your flesh with corroded metal flakes. You can keep them on as much as you like and never worry about awful scenarios like that.

Get Creative

With Creole Hoops, there are thousands of possibilities. It’s up to you to discover the ones you feel most fabulous with. 


Maximum Style Anywhere You Go

Because of their neutrality, these hoops are appropriate for a wide array of places and events. Whether it’s a party or a lecture, a business meeting or a meet-up with your friends, Creole Hoops will bring a delicate touch to your appearance.

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