2 Hook Earrings by Evalada - Clearance sale 60% OFF

2 Hook Earrings by Evalada - Clearance sale 60% OFF





2 x Valkyrie


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The Art of Subtle Charm.

Relentless Power of Your Beauty.

The Goddess Collection is created for women who can accomplish more with their look. More glamour. More complex ways to express themselves. These artistic pieces rely on your exceptional esthetic sense to unlock their full potential. It’s a perfect choice for females who have both ability and courage to put together an outfit that stands out.

Every part has a purpose: the hardened copper needle stretches from the bottom to the top of your ear for balance. There’s a small hook at the end that gently hugs your earlobe. It stays in place no matter how much you move. Those two give these remarkable pieces their functionality. The studs give them their personality. And you get to choose.

Do you get a dopamine-rush every time you experience a minimalistic design? Maybe you prefer a more aristocratic look? The Goddess Collection has you covered. The wide array of different styles is waiting for you to choose yours.

No Additional Poking

Unlike similar complex earring designs, pieces of the Goddess Collection require only one hole. There’s no need to pierce the top of your earlobe to have it decorated in style.

Your Ears Are Safe

The most common reason for ear-infection are cheap nickel or lead earrings. The flesh corrodes with the low-quality metal in your ear. Horrible! Every piece from the Goddess Collection is nickel-free and lead-free because safety comes first.

The Casing Is As Beautiful As They Are

We pay special attention to the box. The Goddess Earwires come in an elegant, raven black casing with the softest pillows inside where you can rest your pieces after a night out.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

With these earrings- there are options. Put only them on, or combine them with other earrings. Use them as a chic addition to your style, or a focal point of your outfit. Wearing only one can also work really well.


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