Lift Panties - Clearance sale

Lift Panties - Clearance sale






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Discreet. Charming. Irresistible.
A small uplift with tremendous effects. 

It is absolutely unbelievable how this pair of panties manage to turn your booty from nice to out-of-this-world and still look so discreet that no one can tell you have them on. They respect your lines and adapt to them, and on top of that- enhance them.

This is why…

Sealed pads aren’t made from sponges. They are made from Smart-Foam that acts in the exact same way a real booty does. When you sit down, stand up, or strike a pose, Lift Panties never fall out of place.

They don’t just look natural. They act natural as well.


And they breathe with your body.

You see those tiny holes? Those come in really handy when you’re active. Every single drop of sweat evaporates into thin air instead of being itchy and uncomfortable. And there’s even more comfort to be discovered…

A Premium mixture of nylon and cotton creates a firm grip on your thighs and hips so the panties achieve their uplifting effect and stay in one place even if you’re active all day.


Here are more things that will help you understand them even better :

These panties are on a mission…

You already wear panties. Well, from now on they can also do something amazing for your body and give you all the benefits of regular panties. You can look at them as pair of normal panties that also boost your confidence and your sexappeal.

Perfectly discreet no matter what you wear.

Shorts, skirts, pants, small dress, or a long dress. Nobody will be able to tell you have them on. The form is so natural because Lift Panties follow the contour of your legs and hips.

Does wonders to your silhouette.

Lift Panties don’t just improve the volume of your booty. They also drastically improve your waist-to-hip ratio, giving you a more refined hourglass figure.
With you for a long time.

Premium fibers. Double-stitched.
They are made to be a part of your drawer for at least a decade.
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