PowerBra Push-Up® - Clearance sale

PowerBra Push-Up® - Clearance sale








Stand taller.

Get more out of your workout.



When we first got our hands on PowerBra here at EvaLada, we were immediately impressed with its Fit Trifecta that drastically increases the efficiency of your workout: Posture Correction, Pain Reduction, and Breathability. Everything is taken care of. But what came as a cherry on top and swopped us off our feet is a simple but very important attribute…


PowerBra makes you look better than any other sports bra we’ve had the pleasure to wear.


Monochromatic esthetic with a vibrant web-like fabric lifts up your breasts and corrects your shoulder alignment, making you appear in tune with your best natural form.


Apart from lifting what it should, PowerBra also reduces up to 80% of rebound your brests make while you’re jumping and moving around. It makes them move in harmony with the rest of your body. And it does that for years…


The durable fabric is reinforced on the inside with smart fibers that remember the original shape PowerBra always comes back to no matter how hard you stretch it.


As we’ve mentioned, this unique bra is designed to hit a Fit Trifecta and transform your workout. This is how:


Do the exercise correctly.


Almost all harmful workout stems from the unintentionally curved spine. The pressure falls on your bones instead of your muscles, and that leads to pain. PowerBra makes it a bit easier to keep your shoulders and your spine in a correct position because it pulls them to the back, making you appear an inch taller in the process.


Minimize the pain.

PowerBra applies constant pressure to your upper torso mimicking a light, never-ending massage that increases blood circulation and relieves your muscles from unnecessary pain. You can do the exercise longer and get more out of your workout and either mitigate or avoid pain altogether.


Let your body breathe.


PowerBra is designed to be forgotten. You will quickly habituate to its incredible lightweight, web-like fabric that leaves enough room for sweat to evaporate as if you’re not wearing anything. Its pores also allow you to cool down much easier than a standard sports bra does when you’re taking a break.

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