Skinleg® : Tear-Proof Silky Pantyhose - CLEARANCE SALE 60% OFF

Skinleg® : Tear-Proof Silky Pantyhose - CLEARANCE SALE 60% OFF







From 68°F to 50°F


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Spontaneous femininity. Impeccable elegance.
Your one-way ticket to coziness.

There’s a reason so many active women of the 21st century chose Skinleg®.
They love radiating confidence with their skirts and dresses! With Skinleg® they can wear them throughout the winter and stay warm and comfortable!

The key is in the fabric; It gently sticks to your skin with its buttery threads so putting them on feels like slowly dipping your legs in a bath full of rose petals. These aren’t a pair of tights you can’t wait to get out of when you get home. The naked-feel they provide is there for you throughout your activity-packed day.

Skinleg® are interwoven with the FitThreads that combine a Seamless feel and a Tight elegant grip so they stick to your leg firmly but let it breathe at the same time. No more saggy stockings you have to correct with your hand every two seconds. Relax and focus on your tasks so you can use the day to the fullest. They will stay as you put them on in the morning.

Special Care for Your Silhouette

Skinleg® compliments your shape and enhances your bottom by lifting it slightly and keeping it in place.


Skinleg® are tightly woven with enhanced fibers that are impossible to rip with your heels, your nails, or on some rugged object. You will wear them for years to come.

Healthy Pressure

FitThreads technology in Skinleg® prevents varicose veins, spider veins, calluses, and infections that are often caused by low-quality pantyhose because they spread out the pressure evenly so they spare your sensitive areas.

Perfect Temperature

Breathable design holds comfortable 73°Fahrenheit on your skin even when you’re out in the cold, but releases excess heat when it’s hot outside.

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