Ultimate Shaper - Clearance sale

Ultimate Shaper - Clearance sale








Powerful effect of the 4B Zones.

Your discreet way to look amazing.



If we had to summarize the effects of this life-changing Shaper and describe it in one short sentence, it would be this: a shaper that does it all. Lifting your butt? Yes. Giving you an irresistible, slim silhouette? Absolutely. Positioning your breasts, so they look both natural and unique? You bet.


Ultimate Shaper is intertwined with the newest lifting technology that doesn’t only mold your body into a more refined figure. It also does that in the most comfortable way possible.


What’s new is 4B optimized pressure zones.
They do not just apply pressure to your skin. They are created in a way that adapts to the nature of a particular body part and shapes it to perfection. You wouldn’t want to have the same kind of pressure on your hips as you would on your belly. We had that in mind.


You can already guess the 4B zones: butt, belly, back, and breasts. Each molded into the finest look possible.


But, we have even more reasons to fall in love with Ultimate Shaper:


Feel the comfort maximizers

There are a few tricks we used to make Ultimate Shaper comfortable throughout the day. The straps are widened, so they don’t cut into your skin. No painful red marks on your shoulders when you take it off.

The softest crotch cloth in the world made from 100% wheel-spun white cotton protects your most sensitive area. Tiny holes scattered across the surface keep the Shaper breathable. Sweat evaporates. Your skin maintains optimal temperature as long as you wear it.


Figure on point & Enjoying the view


Pay close attention to the embroidery. Double threads form a delicate rose decoration that gives a spark of elegance to the Shaper. The function is its primary attribute, but it also looks impressive on its own.


Wear that cute dress again


The final good reason to have Ultimate Shaper in your closet at all times is that you can wear outfits up to 2 sizes down when you put it on. Remember: it reshapes you. It doesn’t just squeeze and hope for the best.

It redistributes your weight until it gets you to an irresistible hourglass shape. That’s how you can wear some of your favorite clothes again.


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